backlogged post — Presidio, SF

Here is another installment, and perhaps boring narrative, of our family trip around the Bay Area. This one is dated back in early September; we rented a car and drove to Sunnyvale for dim-sum, and from there departed for Half Moon Bay.

The hopeless romantic in me love the name Half Moon Bay. And I have a reason for it.

There was a Vietnamese song back in the 90s, entitled Từ Độ Ánh Trăng Tan* (Loosely translated — Since the moonlight was waning away) sung by a male Vietnamese-American (I used to like you so much, Lâm Nhật Tiến!) with whom I had an infatuation back in the heydays. There were a few lines that he sang…

the day of your wedding
I returned to Half Moon Bay
counting each crashing wave
counting my sorrows

…oh so poetically dramatic! Vietnamese songs are so overly dramatic sometimes; but I like them!

And the song was sung entirely in Vietnamese, except for Half Moon Bay. The writer could have translated that into Vietnamese, but I think it was left in English intentionally, to indicate specificity of location. In Vietnamese, it also sound quite romantic, too — Vịnh Bán Nguyệt.

*I had to google for the name of the song, and some of the lyrics.

counting the crashing waves

That was my fascination for Half Moon Bay, and I must visit since I live not too far from it.

However, we got there on a super cloudy and windy day, and Mr. O did not feel the much boasted aura of romance I talked about when we arrived to the town. It was small and quaint, but it was not as what I had envisioned in my head. Perhaps we did not come at the right time. Mr. O was against the proposed idea to go down to the beach of Half Moon Bay, and after a little petty argument, we both came to an agreement to return on a better weather day.

We were right on Route 1, the coastline highway, and decided to drive north, follow the route to go all the way to San Francisco. We stopped by the Devil’s Slide Trail but could not find a parking, and had to move on trekking through the town on western side of San Francisco. Our destination was Lombard Street, but on the way there we stopped at a park for a restroom break.

And we ended up in Presidio, which I did not know or expect how beautiful the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from there. We just randomly pulled into the parking lot and saw a sandy beach, we followed the trail that lead to the view. It was a nice surprise!

The next installment will be about Palace of Fine Arts, which we did not even plan to visit but Mr. O took a wrong turn and we ended up there.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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