Quiet life, boring blog

Nothing much going on around here during the last few days after Thanksgiving break and so there is nothing much to write home about. 

I still avoid watching and following the news except for the occasional snippets on NPR while driving without the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Without the news I am mentally healthier and less irritated about things going on around the world. 

I have also picked up books from the library to get back to my reading pleasure. It is also to encourage the boys to read with me wherever they see me latching on a book. Win-win situation right there!

Christmas is almost here and for the last few days I have been struggling with PP about why we aren’t celebrating it. We have had conversations about culture and religions and how at certain times in our lives we encounter conflicts facing both. The consumerism aspect of a religious holiday such as Christmas has deeply become cultural; it’s a challenge to resist when everyone around him is into it. Sometimes I just want to throw in the white flag and surrender because I am indifferent and I want the kids to be part of the culture, but Mr. O and his religious principles prevent me from doing so. 

I think I will still get each of them a present so that the first day of school after the holiday break he will have something to chat about with his friends. Oh gosh, a good example of peer pressure right there!

That’s a short update for the blog before it collects dust. 


4 thoughts on “Quiet life, boring blog

    1. What makes it worse was our next door neighbor just decorated their lawn and roof with Christmas lights. Now PP wants the same for our house!

  1. It would be hard for kids, but I wonder it would help them gain a broader perspective by introducing them to other neighborhoods (Jewish, Hindu) that don’t celebrate it. An even better alternative is to celebrate many different traditions but in a cultural instead of religious manner.

    1. we are trying to do that but not quite a good job at remembering or preparing them for it. Maybe next year we will make it better and let them learn of all holidays around the world.

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