fall foliage

We still have some lingering fall foliage, even though it’s December. It was so foggy this morning; the mountains were shrouded with creamy fog. Beautiful!

I am so unmotivated, and quite uninspired, to blog lately. It will take me a while to get back to my regular blogging groove.

And no, I am not depressed or anything. On the contrary, my life is filled with little and mundane happiness, and I am very content. Perhaps, contentment took away the ups and the downs, in which it killed my motivation for blogging anything dramatic. And I don’t have any dramas to talk about, except for Korean dramas, but I am also in a slump of Korean-drama-watching.


4 thoughts on “fall foliage

  1. Dao nay co coi bo phim nao ko chi? Em dang coi Lucky Romance ma coi may thang nay chua xong. Nhan vat nam chinh trong phim khong dep trai nhung dong rat co duyen a.

    1. Dạo này chị ít coi. Có theo legend of the blue sea mà không theo đuổi chỉ đợi nó ra hết rồi coi hết Bộ.

      Chị vừa coi xong 1% of something bên dramafever. Chị và đám bạn thích Bộ này lắm em. Very cute and good chemistry.

      Chị không thích cô vai chánh trong lucky Romance. She over act in every drama nên chị dị ứng nên cũng không coi lucky romance

      1. De em coi thu 1% of something. Hwang Jung Eum thi hoi over react nhung ko biet sao em thich may bo she dong, chac tai duoc hop tac voi nam dien vien chinh dong phim hay. Em thich nhat 2 bo Secret va Kill Me Heal Me cua she dong voi Ji Sung a.

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