reconciled, and problem solved…maybe?

I just wrote a long, windy, and super cerebral post about how Mr. O and I resolved our issues of whether or not we should celebrate Christmas for the kids, as I posted a few days ago.

But then my brain got shut down and I am tired. I have been flying solo at single-parenthood this week, with me being cray-cray (under the weather!) and PP having sore-throat/sick/cough…which put me on a 24 hours shift to make sure he was well and comfortable…

He is fine. One sick day at home with me and he got bored so he asked to go back to school today.

So here is the short, low-down version of our solution…

We reconciled, and kind of…gave in. We bought them an annual family membership for the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. PP was disappointed at first, pouting and whining…”that’s not what I really want…” boo-hoo and all that shit, until we took them to the Academy and they spent three hours exploring all the fun. And we covered only a quarter of all the exhibitions…I cannot wait to take them back there again in a few weeks. We are planning to go once every month to make the $249 tax-deductable family membership worthy of every cent.

As always, in retrospect, PP told me that he had so much fun exploring and was thankful to us. This kid, sometimes he is so resistant to trying new things…irks me so much. Just like how Linh gave him the “5000 facts” book a few weeks ago and he was rude at receiving it. Then when he got home and started reading about all interesting facts…he got hooked. Then he apologized to me, saying that he was rude not showing Linh his appreciation for the book.

These days I kept telling him that as his mother, I sometimes know him more than he does himself…and after seeing through the proof that I was right in many situations, he starts to warm up to trying whenever I suggest that he should.

The other night I asked both boys to try some Japanese bonito flakes…Peanut was running towards me immediately, and willing to try without hesitation. On the other hand, PP was hesitant, and refused. I asked him to try a small bit, and if he did not like it, I would not ask him again. He tried, walked away, tested the new taste and texture in his mouth, then came back asking for more. Before long, the three of us went through half a bag of bonito flakes. My gosh, that thing is quite addictive!

But where am I going with this…

ahhh…I digressed!

The bottom line…we solved the Christmas-gifts issue, now they have a year-long of learning new things at the Academy of Sciences. But I am not going to lie, because I also bought them the gifts that they put on their wish-lists, along with simple to-their-level conversations about things with fleeting monetary values verse things with tangible and beneficial values. (I am trying not to get too cerebral here!) I think they took in one word out of every 10 that came out of my mouth, but at least I got some attention from them after enjoying their trip to the Academy.

And here is a newt…you know what a newt is? I have heard PP talked about it and though it was some mythical creature like one of those Pokemon kind, until I saw it at the Academy of Sciences.

And then I had the guts to face my lifetime fear of snakes (and other slithering creatures) by touching a real and live and awaking python.

PP was holding my hand for encouragement…

And Mr. O’s photography skills added so much suspense to the fact that I tried to conquer my fear, but still feel the same way about snakes after touching a python.

I still hate snakes…I still have fear of snakes…and I am not at all cured!

What a frightening experience touching that slithering glossy skin; I wouldn’t recommend it. *nauseous*

P.S. this is also a damn long post, but not too cerebral. Good god!


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