On our morning walk to school this morning, we were welcomed by the thick, dreamy, and creamy fog! Usually the fog stay around the mountain, but today it descended all the way to the valley.

This is one of the little and mundane happiness that filled my day as a stay-at-home mom. See, I told you, I have a boring life…

Note for self.
We met with PP’s teacher for the teacher-parent conference. For a kid who had so much troubles in Kindergarten and preschools, in which his behaviors and social-emotional problems greatly affected his academic skills, my first-born thrives both fronts this year in first grade.

There are still a few points here and there that he has to work on, namely staying organized and effective use of time. Overall, his reading is nearly at the latter of 2nd to early 3rd- grade level, and very strong in math due to his proficiency in language comprehension. The teacher emphasized that he has a strong global/cultural awareness, and is a good leader when it comes to inclusion. He speaks up for friends when they are being pushed away or not being included. Yay, so proud of my boy. All those conversations about kindness and treating people with respect paid off!


3 thoughts on “winter

  1. these are beautiful photos! and your life isn’t boring at all. i think it’s so cool how you’ve been blogging for so many years about your life, documenting changes, stage, moments of joy (like this) etc. ty for sharing!!

    1. Aww, thank you, Lu, for reading and following my blog. I am a very sentimental person so keeping a blog for this many years has helped keeping great memories alive. My kids will love it when they get to read what I have been written about them.

      1. Aw:) And I know, it’s going to be so amazing for them. It’ll be like living vicariously thru your experiences. And then maybe they could share it to their kids…haha.

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