through his lens

PP is now the owner of my point-n-shoot camera, Samsung NX1100. Among the many silly things he captured recently, both in still and moving images, I found myself through his lens.

As the one who always have control of the camera to capture their images, and many times of them and Mr. O, I rarely appear in front of one to be the subject. I often tell myself that I need to bring along the tripod, set it up, and take self portraits of the boys and me so that later on in their lives when they look back and still remember what I looked like at every age of their childhoods.

Perhaps one of my goals for 2017 is to get myself in the actions with the boys and being captured with them for all the fun we will have.

Nevertheless, PP captured these images, and I edited them a bit to fix over- and underexposures with a little of color-pop added.

And he did a selfie of himself. 😀


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