portraits of a fine young man

I love California weather in the winter, and couldn’t stop saying it out loud. Sure, almost everything is expensive and high-price here, we cannot escape that, but it is a collateral for snowy midwestern winter. I feel healthier, less gloomy, and my skin isn’t as dry as it was. The sun does take away that seasonal affected depression I suffered for many years.

It’s December and we still are able to take the kids out to play for long hours. They run freely, without being restricted by too many layers of winter bundles.

…and this fine young man of mine, the half African half Asian kid, with a head full of curly hair…enjoys this weather so very much that I haven’t heard him talking about Minnesota lately.

It’s been six months since we moved to California. 😀 Half a year has gone by!

4 thoughts on “portraits of a fine young man

    1. hôm thứ bảy tuần trước ông O đưa hai thằng đi cắt tóc. Chổ tiệm đó ai cũng hỏi ông O có hai vợ hả vì thằng lớn giống ổng quá mà thằng nhỏ thì nhìn đặc gốc Việt Nam.

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