Fancy me some champagne 

We had a sumptuous Italian dinner at Salvatore’s in downtown San Diego. The manager gave us two complimentary glasses of champagne for our first visit. The restaurant is so fancy and posh, making me feel like a pretender. 

Osso Bucco with creamy saffron risotto. My hard work of healthy diet was thrown out of the window during this trip. 
Spaghetti with shrimps and clams in tomato sauce. 

Me and my complimentary glass of champagne. 

View of the coast in Dana Point, Pacific Coast Highway (route 1). The town before that was Laguna Beach but could not stop to take any proper pictures. 

View of San Diego harbor. 

View of sunset from our hotel room. 


2 thoughts on “Fancy me some champagne 

    1. cám ơn chị Sue. Em cũng chúc chị một mùa lễ an lành.

      Em xin lỗi là em đi chơi không có nhiều data để vô internet, với lại đi nhiều cũng không dùng phone lên blog nhiều.

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