Home sweet home

The kids jumped with joy as as soon as they got into the garage a few minutes before 9 pm. They couldn’t wait for me to unlock the back door and turn off the alarm. 

Hotels were great, but home-tel is the best, they said. 

After a long drive and sitting in few traffic jams from Orange County to SF, we are so eager to sleep in our own beds. 

We had a great family vacation. It was a trip that we planned to take on for many years but it never came through until this year. Finally it happened and I couldn’t be more happier. 

I have finally met my two great friends in person that I call sisters whom I have known over ten years through this blog and through some of those tough years. They are in my support circle that I refer to as mother-group. 
It is also great for my boys to hang out with my younger brother who lives down there in OC. They adore their uncle and vice versa; they bonded over a mutual love for Star Wars. Go figure!

I have loads of photos too and since I did not bring along my laptop during the trip, I will share loads of them once I get my hands on transferring and editing. 

In the meantime, let me share with you a picture of California sunset on the coast of Pacific Ocean. I took it with my iPhone through a glass window when we were out on a boat in the open water for whale watching. 

2017 is around the corner!


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