First day of the year

A new year’s treat — Chestnut Praline Latte. It was yum-yum good!

We really live a boring life!

While other people are blasting photos of their New Year Eve’s party and fun activities on FB, we were staying home and getting to bed early. I told Mr. O that I am very content with this boring life we have. Long gone were the days we spent partying on New Year’s Eve with friends until the wee hours. (In reality, I must admit, our bodies cannot handle all of those dancing moves we were once good at!)

Today we spent most of our time walking on a nearby trail for a little over six miles. It started out with a plan for a two-mile trek, but then it was around 1 p.m. and the husband was hungry, we decided to walk to downtown for lunch, stop by Starbucks, and then walk back before the sun went down.

My Fitbit was overjoyed today; it kept sending me congratulatory messages and badges for overachieving my daily walking goal. As of now as I am standing here to write this blog, I have walked 18,650 steps. Overachiever, I am! I have made up for those gluttony days I spent on our vacation.

2016 has been a great wonderful year for us with our move to California. Other than the unexpected outcome on that first Tuesday of November that really dampened my spirit, 2016 marked the year of many changes for our personal lives, for which I am truly thankful.

Here are some photos that captured our first day of 2017. 😀


5 thoughts on “First day of the year

  1. Tam hinh 3 cha con dep qua, em cung tinh move den Irvine ne chi, cong nhan la nha hoi mac,
    vi do la thanh pho safety nhat nhi o My, school system thi always the best. Em trai chi o OC ma city nao? Co ai can mua ban nha thi em co cousin cua chong em mua ban nha o OC may chuc nam roi do, chi gioi thieu se co referal fee:)

    1. em trai của chị ở garden grove đó em. Nó ở đó cũng ba năm rồi. hồi xưa thì nó ở Irvine. Nếu nó có nhu cầu mua nhà chị sẽ nói em biết.

  2. 2 năm trước, tụi này found a bug in the iOS pedometers app, so we all “walk” 7 miles per day. Lol. We could “walk” more, but thôi vậy đủ điểm với Health account rồi. Giờ hết làm vậy rồi.

    1. vậy hả? có vụ này nữa? Mà hôm bữa đi cái trail người ta có treo cái bản là từ A đến B là bao nhiêu nên mới biết đó.

      1. Based on your height, weight, and your step count, the software converts it to miles. Or if we entered the number of miles, it converts back to step count. Some of them sync with iPhone via an app. Only iOS, not android. Tụi này cheated một thời gian rồi chán, hổng chơi nữa. 🤓

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