Huntington Beach, California

Our second day in Socal, we drove along Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) from Long Beach all the way down to Newport Beach. It was a raining day, our only option was to drive. However, on the way back, we stopped for a bathroom break in Huntington Beach and then the sun broke through from heavy shroud of clouds. We had only an hour or two before the sunset to enjoy a little walk on the beach.

It was cold but there were surfers riding waves, and photographers trying to capture exciting actions with long lens.

and the sun was about to set when we walked back to our car.


2 thoughts on “Huntington Beach, California

    1. trời ơi ganh tị với em quá, chỉ cần đi 2 miles là tới biển hả? Chị mà ở gần chắc là 1 tuần đi 5 ngày, nhất ra buổi sáng.

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