cold virus, a family affair

Sunday came around, Peanut had a sore throat, stuffy nose, constant sneezing…

Monday came around, the cold virus spread and PP got it…

Tuesday, both boys stayed home so I could take care of them…

Wednesday…I was fine

Thursday…I was ok, a bit tired from the week

Friday…BAM, cold virus got to me.

Saturday…I just want to stay in bed. (But I got out of bed to do a lot of things!)

Sunday…hopefully Mr. O does not catch it from me.

Too much hugging and kissing in our house. It’s a blessing!


3 thoughts on “cold virus, a family affair

    1. i think almost everyone I know got the virus. I am lucky that it did not last long for me. I think I have been physically active these past few months to repair my weak immune system so it helped a lot with fighting against the virus.

      Is it a typical minnesota winter this year? We have a lot of rain here this year that helps with the draught in california.

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