the benefit of K-drama

Last night I was binging on the last few episodes of K-drama, The Goblin. Damn, these last few episodes got me bawling and blowing snots to the point of me grasping for air. It was that heart wrenching…

Mr. O thought I was suffering from my cold (in reality, and I was actually two-third on the trail of recovering) so he turned around from his side of the bed to sooth my back and my head. So I took advantage of my cold and sinus infection to cover the crying and bawling for K-drama, stay up late just to finish the 15th episode, and for him not to tell me to go to bed early. He usually gets upset if I stay up later than 11 p.m., but last night he thought I had difficulty sleeping because my sinus was swelling up from that constant nose-blowing to get rid of the snots. I emptied more than half of the tissue box, and the used tissues were flying to the side of my bed. Mr. O said, it’s okay honey, just watch your show if you cannot sleep. I said, thank you, and then proceeded to finish the 15th episode at midnight.

Little that he knew, I was really bawling for fictional characters and love stories between the Goblin and his bride. 😀 hahahaha

Thank you, K-drama The Goblin to be my cover! I still have one last final episode to finish and will pull the same trick tonight. 😀

Gong Yoo is such a fine wine…and so pleasant to the eyes. *wink*

Photo credit: Couch Kimchi


10 thoughts on “the benefit of K-drama

    1. tối hôm qua em coi hết rồi chị ơi. Khóc ròng ròng luôn.

      Bộ này cái fashion đẹp quá há. Em thích cách anh Goong Yoo mặc đồ như chị. Trời ơi mấy cái áo navy coat nhìn đẹp mắt ghê hồn

      1. mấy người này đóng hay nhập vai nên em mới khóc, không thảm…nhiều đoạn dễ thương.

        Mấy tập đầu ảnh mặc đồ cổ trang armor thời nhìn quá nam tính mà tóc để kiểu xoà xoà rối rối em mê đoạn đó luôn

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