cherry blossoms in February

The streets of San Francisco are embellished with blooming sights of cherry blossoms.

It’s only February.

Another reason to love the west coast.

Usually there were no cherry blossoms until May in Minnesota, when the snow melted and warm air from the west or south floated northward. But here, in San Francisco, cherry blossoms come in February. It Tết were a week later, I could have these beauty to showcase.

Today, Mr. O drove the car and I was in the passenger seat awe-ing over how beautiful the city is when lightened up with pink blossoms. Actually, we went into San Francisco two days in a row, so I had two days of enjoyment for such simple pleasure.

(Please excuse me, I am still in the honeymoon phase with San Francisco Bay area.)

And I was also loving these tall towering trees…not sure what they are, but I do marvel at how majestic they look.

…and then, may I interject the posting of cherry blossoms with these two clowns I call “sons” 😀 They are also lovely, I might add! We took them to the Academy of Science today, per PP’s insistence to see electric eels. We also went there yesterday but no place to park, so we went to Twin Peaks, which I will post photos tomorrow.