busy woman’s phở

While juggling the kids’ activities and other miscellaneous stay-at-home mom duties, I put the beef marrow bones and a slab of flank steak among the floating jarred ginger, onion, and spices, in the Instant Pot then left the cooking to its device.

Less than two hours later, I had a pot of aromatic phở.

The power of a pressure cooker, saving me so much time. No longer do I have to stand long hours in the kitchen working on the phở pot. With the Instant Pot I just need to tweak a bit here and there to bring out the deep flavor from the bone and the infusion of spices. Mr. O still thinks I need to work on this new cooking technique a few more times to get closer to the flavor of the phở that cooked on the stove.

But these days I am so busy, so for now I take the pressure cooker version.

For my low-carb version, I reduced the amount of phở noodles, and added an equal half amount of shredded leeks into the bowl.

This morning I had a hovering migraine headache that started two days ago. I had a hot bowl of phở to cure it, as if it was for a hangover. And it worked!


6 thoughts on “busy woman’s phở

  1. I’ve tried to replace pho noodles with tofu shirataki noodles (less than 10 calories for whole pack) and it tastes good to me.

    1. I have not tried with that yam noodles. But I tried with yuba, which is the same as tofu skin. It was pretty good too. Next time will grab and try yam noodles.

  2. Look yummy. Chắc chạy ra ngoài ăn liền quá. 😂

    Cái low-carb diet works pretty well on me nha. But I can’t control myself nên không theo nó strictly được. Tuần nào theo được là tuần đó xuống lb. 😁

    1. tui cũng low carb mà sao không thấy xuống. MỖi ngày đi 12K steps mà chỉ có tone muscle thôi chứ không chãy mỡ. Tạng người vậy rồi nên chỉ dám low-carb cho có sức khoẻ lâu dài

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