that golden glow

I feel so inspired about taking creative photos again, but I have no models who are willing to take on some instructions. The boys used to let me take their photos but now they run away like I am the monster. These days most of there photos are either blurry or with poker faces. My luck!

As I have no one to let me practice taking photos and editing, I used photos I have taken in the past to make it work.

This was one of my most favorite senior portrait sessions that I had in MN. The model was so shy but we worked together to get her natural poses. I love her facial features and youthful skin. I did skin retouching in PS, and tweaked a little bit of the golden light tone to give a rich contrast.

Mr. O just gifted me a Wacom tablet that makes skin retouching so much easier!


6 thoughts on “that golden glow

    1. em ở gần em thả con bé gái nhà em cho chị mượn làm mẫu luôn. 😀 Hai mẹ con làm điệu cở nào cũng được hết, chị chụp cho.

      1. Tu ngay chi don qua CA lam em them qua CA choi de so luon a’. Nha chi o gan airport nao chi oi? de em set up cheap fare alert 🙂

    1. chòi ơiii, làm một chuyến qua đây nhanh lên! Mùa xuân bên đây đẹp lòi mắt luôn, hoa đào hoa mận nở đầy đồi núi….nhìn còn mê hơn nhìn trai nữa. Cảnh đẹp mà không có ai làm mẫu hết à

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