Cuối tháng 3

Hôm nay là ngày đầu của tuần Nghỉ Xuân của hai thằng đậu. Sáng ra chuông điện thoại reo báo giờ thức dậy nhưng mình xoay qua bấm nút tắt rồi lăn lại ngủ tiếp. Phải nói khi được ngủ nướng một bữa cảm giác sảng khoái không gì sánh bằng. 

Nhưng nằm có một chút thì hai ông đậu vô phòng leo lên giường ôm hun mình xong xoay qua giành nhau coi ai được ôm mẹ. Mình đang trong bình yên tự nhiên có hai thằng quậy tới phá khung gian yên tỉnh. Là cho hai ổng mấy lời rồi hai ổng cũng cho mình trở lại ương thêm mười mấy phút. 

Giờ chuẩn bị leo xuống giường làm đồ ăn sáng cho nó rồi chuẩn bị dắt ba đứa đi xe lửa vô SF hẹn với Mr. O ăn trưa. 

Cuối tháng 3, một buổi sáng thanh thản yêu đời. 


the passion project

Whenever I feel uninspired, and or being let down, I bring the camera out and clean the dust to take pictures of flowers and trees and leaves and other natural things that deem spirit-lifting. I now have a name for it — the passion project.

I am not building a business in photography for I know I don’t have the time, the experience, the skills, the professional gears, the money to acquire those gears, or the energy to head that direction. Photography is a form of art, one that is very personal to me. It is an outlet to reignite my creativity and help feeling more inspired of the little things in my surrounding.

Creativity and art are subjective, I don’t really need to conform to anyone else’ standards.

The Chic Mama Squad

Pictures of our group; we had our 10-year reunion two Saturdays ago. One flew in from Dallas, TX, one from Boston, one from San Diego, and the other from Anaheim. We found each other through this blog. YES, this humble BLOG of mine right here was the starting point of our friendships. There are three more ladies in our group who could not be in attendance, but we did not forget to talk about them and reminisce of all that we went through.

These ladies are my inner circle, my support group…my safe space!

life as a host

Now that we live in San Francisco Bay Area, we have more friends and family visiting us. Hence, I have been busy being a host and tour guide for two weekends back to back. 😀

This is my niece Tiny, who turned 17 in December. Apparently, she grew out of her tiny self and is now towering me by a few inches. She flew in yesterday to spend her spring break with us. 😀 It’s her first time flying by herself.