Homeschooling reports

This kid is picking up quite a bit of reading lately. I am glad that he has been willing to challenge me. Teaching him was harder than teaching his elder brother. He is a stubborn kid! I had to find different ways to approach learning for him, and slowly he got into it.

Now he can read the basic CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonent), and could barely phonically recognize the basic four-letter words like desk, nest, vest, test. Every morning during our walk I used road signs, license plates, and even utility company names that printed on cement block on the streets to help him with spelling and phonic sounds. I also ask him to help me with beginning and ending sounds, it’s like a game that we try to test each other when I let him challenge me with words he finds.

At home I use the writing board for him to write words that he knows; and it seems the first word he would write is FAT. Don’t ask me why, but that word stuck with him. Perhaps it is funny to him, and I think there was a book that talked about a FAT CAT that he first read. Sometimes when I am busy doing work at home or cooking in the kitchen I would do dictation and ask him to write down the sounds. Just recently I bought him two sets of magnetic letters for him to play games and come up with his own just based on brave spelling and phonics. He recognized the word BUT, thinking that it is the spelling for BUTT, and end up laughing every time it is on the board.

We read a lot with PP when he was young; and haven’t been consistent with Peanut. I feel bad about it though, but every morning we do fun work, 15 minutes each day, that helps him with his newfound interest for learning the language.

He is going to Kindergarten this Fall, hopefully he will pick up the rest from his teachers, things that are developmentally appropriate for his age. I don’t push him too much at home, and let him enjoy learning the things that he shows great interest.

And yes, we did selfies of ourselves!


3 thoughts on “Homeschooling reports

  1. mẹ đẹp siêng & giỏi quá nha. Chớ đám nhỏ nhà tui, hồi nhỏ ở nhà mẹ chỉ đọc sách cho nghe và dạy mấy ẻm đọc theo thôi, chớ hổng dùng strategy gì hết ráo á.

    1. tại tui là stay home mom mà, nó không đi học ở trường nhiều giờ nên ở nhà rảnh rang phải dạy cho nó chứ không nó đòi ipad TV hoài.

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