field of yellow flowers

Finally, I got my share of a cliché by having a picture taken in a field of yellow flowers. Cliché, I know, but I really wanted to do it.

Photo credit: Mr. O, taken last week while we climbed the ridge. 😀

I told him he had to do it, I twisted his arm, set the camera on aperture priority, instructed him about the aiming angles, and had him snap some photos for me. Crazy wife!

My skin is not as youthful as it looks. I did some skin retouching by blending skin color to even out the tone, and left the texture as it is with all the aging flaws. Now that I am 40, I sometimes regret that I did not take a good care of my skin when I was younger. I did not neglect it, but neither did I pay more attention than it desperately needed. Most of my skincare products are from drugstores, and I use Olay moisturizer since I was 18. I have large pores, and super dry flaky skin, with acne scars scattered all over the cheeks; it’s a challenge to wear make up and I don’t have the skills in cosmetic art either.

Last week I went into Sephora and asked a consultant to teach me how to draw my waning and uneven eye brows; she taught me a few tricks but somehow I looked awkward and not myself so I end up leaving it with all the flaws it has. But before I walked out I purchased an eye brow pencil and a brush. Hmm, I wonder when I will use them.

Alright, that’s it for this installment of being a self-critic. I was talking about the field of yellow flowers…and digressed!


7 thoughts on “field of yellow flowers

    1. cám ơn em khen. Chị lú cái vụ make-up lắm em ơi. Chị lớn lên với 5 anh em trai nên không biết trò con gái cho đến sau đại học mới biết ăn diện đồ này áo kia nhưng vẫn còn lúa lắm em.

      Chị chỉ được hưởng cái miệng đôi môi từ mẹ chị ngoại chị là ok thôi. Hai mí mắt mai mốt cũng phải cắt vì nó sụp xuống mắt không thấy đường. Ta nói già rồi mới tiết nuối tủi thanh xuân!

  1. Tui đã lú cái vụ make-up rồi mà còn hổng biết dùng PS touch-up nữa nên hễ chụp hình ra sao là để mặt mộc dzậy luôn nà.

    Mà dạo này nhìn em iu tươi tắn hơn nhiều đó. Cái này là nói thiệt lòng lun nà. hugs

    1. hehehe, tui cũng chả biết make-up, nhìn cái cặp lông mày tui muốn khóc mà không biết làm sao. Tui đang học skin touching trong PS nên đem tui ra làm mẫu thôi chứ bình thường tui cũng để nguyên vậy.

    1. thank you for the link. I also watched other Youtube channels about drawing eye brow but I cannot seem to get it the way I want it. I might have to do more practices.

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