Big brother fell down on the floor and hurt his knee, the little brother came to the rescue and told big brother, don’t worry Noah, I got ya! He lent his shoulder for the big brother to hold on to as they walked to the car.


15 minutes before the incident, they were playing so rough with each other.

My hyperactive boys…


Funny thing I should mention before I forgot.

Went to the bank to set up a remittance account to send money to my Mom. The bank teller was trying to be nice and courteous. She asked me if I did not have work on that day. I told her that I am a staying home mom, and she said this…

Oh wow, that’s so nice, you must have a lot of free time on your hands!

I was not sure how to rebut, and just smiled then told her that I have two demanding and hyperactive boys.

What I should have told her was that most of my time were splendidly spent doing yoga, sitting at Starbucks for hours drinking coffee, shopping for clothes, shoes and bags, and then having body and facial massages, while my maid does cleaning, laundry, cooking, dropping off and picking up the kids as well as the husband, homeschooling them, and any other miscellaneous things needed to raise two boys.

If only I could dream of such life!


2 thoughts on “comrades

  1. sao ai cũng hỏi cái câu quái chiêu “ở nhà chắc rảnh dữ?” vậy ta ơi? Gặp tui là tui trả lời: “Have you ever stay home with 2 kids before?” 🙂 🙂

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