The Chic Mama Squad

Pictures of our group; we had our 10-year reunion two Saturdays ago. One flew in from Dallas, TX, one from Boston, one from San Diego, and the other from Anaheim. We found each other through this blog. YES, this humble BLOG of mine right here was the starting point of our friendships. There are three more ladies in our group who could not be in attendance, but we did not forget to talk about them and reminisce of all that we went through.

These ladies are my inner circle, my support group…my safe space!


4 thoughts on “The Chic Mama Squad

  1. Ganh tỵ tự hôm nọ đến giờ luôn á nha. Hổng nói trước, để tui trốn chồng con đi chơi luôn rồi 😉 🙂

    Mấy người đẹp gặp nhau dzui ghê luôn. ❤

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