Point Reyes National Seashore

I need to make time and post more photos of our adventures around the Bay Area. I think I have a backlog of about 5 to 10 places that we have been to but haven’t had the time to archive. Gosh, I am so behind with recording family memories.

Anyway, these are the photos of us when we took our niece to visit Point Reyes National Seashore, one of my favorite places in this part of California. We got there late and the light house was closed off for vehicles, we did not have time to go back and take the shuttle, which was the only option to get to the light house or other trails on the outer edge of the park.

The teenager did not express much enthusiasm or awe-inspiring sentiment as I did…but later told me that she liked it very much. We did not get to see much but it was nice to get away from the city and into the mountain and the sea.

The Cypress Tree Tunnel, the outer edge

Warning: Lots of photos!

It is a beautiful place for photo, and like I said in a few post prior, a great place to film one of those romantic, love-oozing Korean drama scenes. Talking about Korean dramas, lately I am re-watching My Love from The Star.

Photo taken by Mr. PP. He is now interested in photography.

loving the seascape with misty air

blue sky blue water

The water was really cold, and the waves were rough, but they like playing the game of being chased by the waves

Get ready to fun for your life

and I took my shoes off then joined them

the sand was not too fine, but very therapeutic for the feet and soles.

The teenager, pondering about her teenage issues

The teenager was being playful with the little guy. He loved it

the young couple…lovey dovey

The teenager and her favorite uncle. Mr. O has that kind of pull power that draws people in to talk about their issues. The teenager talked to him more than she did to me.

Fun games that they played between two rows of cypress trees when we stopped by a very crowded Stinson Beach

playing with danger


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