playing with tones

Happy Friday!

Instead of getting on the treadmill to do my usual 3-miles walk, I spent my morning sitting at one place to play around with colors and tones in Photoshop and Lightroom. This is one of the reasons why I just do this to satiate my creative hobby and not for an income-earning job; it takes too much time away from my day doing this kind of artsy thing. My little Peanut has been complaining about me being immobile for a million hours.

I am trying some new tones to emulate Fuji 400H film photography. I have been admiring and obviously stalking film photographers on Instagram for their talents in capturing alluring colors and moments with real Fuji films. Of course, digital conversions and imitation cannot come as close to true colors of film but it does not hurt to try. I still have a long way to get there…



5 thoughts on “playing with tones

    1. I know, I should do that too…but sometimes the photos I took in RAW, and that come out pretty bland as they are raw images that need some tune up.

  1. cũng bởi cái tật lười kinh niên mà tui cũng toàn chơi hình raw, hổng chỉnh sửa gì cho khỏe đây nè em iu. Mà nhìn mấy hình em iu chỉnh sửa mê quá lun (nhưng bảo ngồi chỉnh sửa thì tui chào thua, hổng đủ kiên nhẫn á).

      1. hổng dám học theo đâu. Đang lười chảy thây đây nè.

        Hình ảnh chụp từ tháng trước mà qua đến tháng này còn chưa soạn ra kia kìa. 🙂 🙂

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