The tantrum king

This kid just gave me the run for my money today when he threw himself on the ground at PP’s school just right after we picked up PP. I usually let them play at the playground for 15-30 minutes after school so they can release steam by chasing each other around. Well, today…not the case. He was already in a grumpy mood because I interrupted his nap so that we could pick up his brother, and I think that triggered the tantrum.

When we got back home I talked to him and he told me that he was miserable. That’s his word, not mine. I asked him what put him in that state and why he said that word…his response — I just want to be miserable!

I told him, if you want to see kids who are actually miserable then let me get on Youtube and show you the real thing.

He looked at me…incredulous, as if he did not believe I would pull that trick. Then when I was about to turn on the TV he said, no mẹ, stop, I am not miserable anymore. Hah hah, let’s see who’s the boss, kid!!!

Then we were back to the four-year-old that I love to have 24 hours of my day, the happy-go-lucky kid.


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