The Devil’s foothills, pt. 2

More photos of our hike at one of the trails on Mt. Diablo last Saturday.

I gave PP the small camera for him to take photos of the things he saw and observed, that helped with the wane of whines.

The little guy wanted to make weird poses for his brother to take a picture of him.

These green and luscious mounts and ridges are so lovely. Mr. O said when he was here last year for house-hunting, it was rarely this green. I guess we brought our Midwestern snow out west with us and it became rain to give a full life to California this year.

So many photos below…

California cows grazing green grass behind me. The best milk come from California…and this is why!

California wild flowers…

Tiny clusters of green moss growing on the tree barks. I have only the 50 mm lens and this was the best that I could and the closest I could come to get a clear vision. 

A quick snap of photo of them holding hands…so adorable. 

More wild flowers…

Trail mileage post…


Thistles — I heard that they are medicinal, but damn, they are prickly.

more wile flowers

It’s hard to discern from the photo because I did not have a zoom lens, but that orange patch of grass in the middle are tiny orange wild flowers on the side of the mountain ridge. 

More wild flowers…I just don’t know the name. 

Ending the hike at a stop to Starbucks for some sweet treat before heading home. 


5 thoughts on “The Devil’s foothills, pt. 2

    1. I have two lenses that I use interchangeably, the 24-70 mm 2.8 and the 50 mm 1.4.

      These photos were taken with the 50mm 1.4. It’s not that great like the upscale 85mm 1.2 that I once tried and would love to have for portraits. But this is just my hobby so I don’t want to burden my husband with expensive gears.

      I also have the 50 mm 1.8 for the old canon camera that is now on the shelf

  1. Thích cảnh vật quanh đây quá em iu ơi. ❤ Mà thương nhất là hình ảnh 2 anh em nắm tay nhau đó!

    PS: Mùa này, tui cũng hay lang thang đi chụp hình hoa dại không hà 🙂

    1. năm nay hoa cỏ nở đầy đẹp nín thở luôn. Đi đâu cũng thấy hoa nở, nhất là hoa dại bị vùi sau bao năm hạn hán giờ nở trội.

      1. Ừa, bên này cũng hoa cỏ nở đầy khắp luôn. Mà chỉ khổ cho cái bịnh dị ứng bất trị này thôi á. Ra ngoài ngắm hoa làm vườn đã rồi vô ngứa mắt ngứa mũi, ho, hắt xì đủ kiểu nè 🙂 🙂

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