hide and seek

The fun part of the day for my boys was when I put a scarf over my head and walked around like a zombie seeking preys. They ran off to various places around the house hiding from my staggering zombie walk. After playing this game with them for a while, I was exhausted, but they kept insisting me staying in my role as a zombie.

I then asked them to find different hiding places for another round of me hunting them…little that they knew, while they were quietly hiding and waiting for me to come, I walked to the big window in the bedroom and started taking self portraits. The lighting was just right for my little self-portrait vanity.

Once they realized that I was not moving towards them, they came running out from their hiding places to find me. The look of disappointment on their faces were just too adorable.

That’s how I manage my sanity of life living with and entertaining two boys!

(Loving this new way of self-portraits)


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