when May returns

This time last year we were busy purging and packing our lives, put them in carton boxes, and ready for the move to Northern California. That one full month captured so much of despair (house hunting) as well as excitement (living in California!!!) but we persisted and got through it.

Then May returns once more…we are now very much settled in, although there are still a few boxes that needed to be unpacked, but we are embracing new surroundings and friends that we have. Beside the death of my father less than two weeks ago, nothing major has dampened my spirit since we moved here.

I finally lived through my first winter in America without snow (and sleet, and black ice, slippery drives, heavy winter coats, and seasonal depression) Should I say that it was a dream came true after all those years wishing for a warm winter? Sure thing…

Today the temperature rose up to over 90 degrees; it sure was burning hot. After school, I packed snacks and drinks and took the boys to the splash pad and spent two hours with them running around the park spraying water at each other. It was time well spent! I think the dry season is approaching after one beautiful spring season we just had.

P.S. Thank you for all of your condolences in regards to the passing of my late father. I am doing rather well!