future career

This kid signed up for the school talent show. Guess which act he wanted to perform?

    a. Sing and dance
    b. Showcase his Tae Kwon Do skill
    c. Doing stand-up comedy

The answer is C — doing a 1 minute 30 seconds of jokes.

I didn’t know my child has that kind of courage and a sense of humor enough to stand in front of an audience all by himself. I guess he can make himself fall and trip on stage just to incite the audience to laugh.

He has been working religiously on his jokes.


3 thoughts on “future career

  1. anh Hai lớn rồi, anh Hai muốn mần chi thì mần chớ. Sing & dance thì để ng` khác làm. Mình hổng học fungfu nên làm cho thiên hạ cười theo kiểu stand-up comedy chớ sao. Mẹ có giúp anh Hai viết script gì hông đó ?

    1. nó bắt ngồi làm thư ký đó chớ. Ngồi mò ra từng ý từng chữ xong nói mẹ đánh máy ghi xuống rồi in ra.

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