Cold feet

at the talent show’s last rehearsal

All of a sudden, my Mr. First-Born didn’t want to do the talent show anymore. He wanted to change his jokes, and did not feel like the jokes that he worked on were funny enough. My internal anger started screaming in silence…knowing how hard he and I had worked on last week to put together a script and all. I did not want him to get into the habit of quitting in the middle, and doing half-assed job if he were to go on.

Nevertheless, last night I asked him just to come to the second rehearsal, and we can discuss about his decision after that. The time came and went…he came home today after the rehearsal and said he will do it. I was there when it was his turn and recorded a short video. Now that he saw how he performed on stage, I think he will be more confident than he was yesterday.


And I have been missing in action last week. Sorry, one kid was down with a flu and I played doctor mom the whole freaking week with a whining four-year-old attaching to my hips. Two trips to the doctor’s office, and a lot of cuddling, the four-year-old is now back to his normal self, giving me a bit of personal space to breathe.

I spent Mother’s Day doing deep clean and disinfecting the house, getting rid of unwanted germs hoping none of the remaining three of us will not catch it. Fingers crossed!

That’s a bit of catch-up news from this life with two boys!