gettin’ ready for summer

My four-year-old is done with preschool last week, but the seven-year-old still has about three more weeks to go. That means, I need to get my gears ready for the summer.

We have two trips already booked for summer vacation. Basically, Mr. O is traveling for work and we are just tagging along for the summer fun. We were also thinking of enrolling them in kung-fu classes full time for the summer but since we have trips in between, we decided to have them do extracurricular activities in the fall when school returns.

For this summer, it’s going to be me as the “homeschool teacher” and the boys need to do extra work to bridge between two academic years. I have been putting together my homeschooling materials these past week. They will have to do 30 minutes of work math/writing and 20 minutes of reading every day. It’s going to be a lot of tears and whiny moments for sure…but they will also have a lot of fun, too. ***Revving up the Tiger Mom’s mode***

P.S. Pictures of our trip to Berkeley Botanical Garden back in April.


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