making progress

It’s all about timing…

I think he is now ready and willing to learn on his own. Every day I give him 20-30 minutes of combined work in writing-practice, basic math, phonics, and memorizing  a few sight words. I’d say, about 80% of the time when I asked him to get his work book, he would immediately go at it then hop on the chair at the dining table to sit and work with me. A few months ago, it was a real struggle.

His hand writing is much better than PP’s.

I even received a bonus. His elder brother taught him how to write “Mẹ”, one of the Vietnamese words for “Mother”.

Working hard…


3 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Mẹ đẹp dạy con giỏi quá chừng luôn à. ❤ Mà anh nhỏ lém lỉnh có kém gi anh hai đâu hơ. Nựng 2 chàng giùm tui, hy vọng cuối tháng 6 tui bò qua ôm được 3 mẹ con thì dzui biết mấy.

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