slurping is strongly encouraged

Yay, finally I got to try freshly made udon noodles at Marukame Udon in Waikiki. I first learned of this place after watching one of my favorite Youtuber, Mike Chen (of Strictly Dumpling) about his trip to Hawaii where he tried five different kinds of udon from this establishment. Lo and behold, our hotel is within a block from this place but every single time I passed by there was always a long line. And you know, having two young boys, waiting in the hot and humid sun was not an option. However, yesterday we walked by right after the lunch rush hour and found no line, so we walked in and ordered two bowls of udon, a few tempuras, one rice onigiri, then quickly found a two-seater spot to squeeze ourselves into.

It’s a great place, no fancy decor, no waiters waiting on you…you just order at the counter and make quick decisions because the line could be long with hangry customers awaiting their udons. The food is fresh, and the price is reasonable…my order came to about $20 with tax.

We are going back today!


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