I do exist

Finally I have some photos of me vacationing in Hawaii. 😀

Mr. O works from Monday to Friday, and we had only one weekend in between to do family outing away from the tourist-central hotspot of Waikiki.

at Halona Blowhole lookout.

Mr. O thinks this is his most creative shot of me; I was battling the wind, the rain, and trying to keep my dress from blowing up revealing my undies.

And yes, the water was that blue!

And yes, it was raining…passing rain, but raining nonetheless.

We drove to north shore of Oahu to visit Laniakea beach, where it is known as Turtle beach.  There were a few turtles but they didn’t come up to the shore.

Visiting Kualoa Range on the east side of Oahu.

I will have to write more when I get back to California. In the meantime, I have to take the boys to the beach again.


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    1. cái áo đẹp hông? hoạ tiết truyền thống của người Hawaii. Mua ủng hộ mấy bác nguời mình bán đó.

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