Hawaii intoxicated me; I am hanging on the last leg of hangover, and at times in my dream I still see the beach and blue water of Oahu. 

It took me a week to recover from the flight back to the mainland. The flight was set for 7 a.m. But due to mechanical problems it was delayed for six hours. We got home rather late and exhausted. Waiting for that many hours with our two boys was exhausting, and I couldn’t sleep during that five-hour flight home. 

This week is my actual summer schedule with the boys. It’s been productive setting a fixed schedule to make sure they have a fulfilling day. So far they are well behaved and enjoying their time with me. They still have to do summer bridge work (math and language arts), reading, writing, physical activities, and some limited screen time. I go flexible about screen time only after they finish their work and doing at least one chore to help me out. They complained on the first day but today it seemed okay. Fingers crossed!

We decided to stay around for the upcoming holiday of July 4th because we have another trip coming up in July to the east coast. Mr. O suggested that we drive down to Southern California to visit my brother and a friend of mine but we couldn’t find reasonably priced hotel to stay. That works out fine because I want to save that money and hotel points for the trip in July. 

Washington DC and potentially New York City in July! I have not been back to the east coast in three years. 

I will sort through my load of photos to showcase Hawaii through my personal views soon. 

P.S. The house is a mess and I still have not completely unpack our luggages. Oh well!


4 thoughts on “Recovering

    1. hồi xưa chị đi NYC công tác nhiều quá nên cũng không thấy excited lắm, nhưng thằng đậu nhà chị nó muốn đi xe tượng nữ thần tự do nên chắc sẽ đi. Tuỳ theo ông O ổng đi hội họp thế nào.

      Ừ, để từ từ chị khoe hình đi Hawaii cho em coi.

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