between this and that

This has been the longest pause that I took from writing and updating the blog. And then, since the last post, we are now approaching mid July!

Full-time summer schedule is not a joke, people! These boys are driving me up the wall. That’s one of the reason why I have neither time nor energy to sit and write my thoughts. I used to write very well, but now all of my intellectual capacity has ceased into oblivion as it is being eaten away by my busy day-to-day summer care for the boys.

But yes, between this and that…

July 4th weekend
We spent our July 4th vacation at home and around the Bay area. We invited a friend, who is single, to come along for the fun. Mr. O took us into SF for dimsum at Dragon Beaux in Inner Richmond neighborhood (our favorite dimsum place!), and then drove further down south along the coast to Halfmoon Bay. I don’t have my luck with Halfmoon Bay yet, because that place was so damn crowded during the holiday weekend that we were stuck in a few mile of traffic along Route 1. So we decided to quit that route, and detoured to move on to San Jose. We ate a table full of Vietnamese food at Saigon Kitchen in Grand Century Mall — bánh xèo, bánh khọt, gỏi ngó sen, bò cuốn lá lốp, bò cuốn hành — rich in calories and carb, but oh so satisfying.

The rest of the weekend we spent lounging around doing almost nothing major. I even put a pause on my daily Fitbit workout, becoming a glutton.

Different in parenting approach…
A few days before that, I asked Mr. O to bring the boys to his barber for a haircut for both of them. He came home with two bald-head kids, one of them bawling out because he didn’t like his bald head. Mr. O and I got into a little petty argument because we handled the situation differently in an opposite direction. Being a mom I am sensitive to my children’ feelings and how they should express it…Mr. O, the militant of the house thinks that boys should withhold such expression over a haircut. I took the kids’ side because the cut was so damn ugly, but Mr. O’s defense was that it’s summer time and he had consulted with the barber about the cut. So we agreed to disagree…fortunately, hair will grow back!

$500 gone
Ah, and then this past weekend, while we were on our way to Berkeley to meet with Thắng, Ngọc Anh, and Nga…the girls from Mount Holyoke College when I was there working in Admissions…so our car sputtered, rumbled, and died. We managed to drag it to Costco because of close proximity, but they couldn’t provide service for whatever odd reason. We then dragged the damn car with whatever little power it has left to the nearest car garage, which was about a block away from Costco. So a weekend without a car, and then $500 out of our pocket later, we have our car back. The time in between, we just Lyfted to our farmer market, walked to the nearby park, and then walked to Trader Joe’s, and Lyfted back home. We dropped Uber, just just Lyft nowadays.

One more thing to write about…

The unfortunate encounter at Urgent Care.
Last Friday morning Peanut woke up with a huge swell on his left cheek/ear area. One of his lymph node was swollen…and I was so worried so we took him bright and early to the Urgent Care. Have you ever been mistreated by a medical doctor before? Well, we never had until that morning. The wait was normal, so no complaint there. The registration was quick and efficient, no complaint there…but the damn medical doctor…he should not even be in the profession at all. Never before had I met a medical doctor who was rude, curt, dismissive, and disrespectful to patient and parents.

He walked in, without even introducing himself to us, without even waiting for us to give our observation of Peanut’s symptoms, he quickly checked Peanut’s neck with his hands and said, I don’t see any swelling, no swollen node…while the kid’s face and neck was bulging out. We had to physically pointed it out for him to see…and he said, Oh, let me check his ears.

So he did, and said, this kid is fine, nothing wrong with him. Then I told him that Peanut had a history of Kawasaki, and before I could finish my sentence, he cut me off…I said there is nothing wrong with this kid. Then he said Peanut had some sand in his ear, but not to worry. Which was nice to know, then he proceeded to do some input in the computer. Mr. O was about to ask him a question if there is a link between the Urgent Care to his doctor’s office, if so then he could see the history of Kawasaki…

You might not believe this, but this is what this medical doctor said.

“I am doing my job, please stop asking question, if you keep asking question I cannot do my job.”


I was so shock…and appalled at this doctor’s behavior.

Our child had a fever, with a swollen lymph node, and was in pain…we were concerned parents, and he is a professional medical doctor, and he did not want us to ask question in that situation?

Mr. O, in his calmest composure, responded back, that we just wanted to ask a question…

The doctor still insisted that we should not ask question because he needed to do his job. What a m-fker…isn’t his job included having a conversation with concerned parents to answer related questions? Even if it is not…a courteous conversation would suffice, no need to be so hostile to us.

Unable to contain himself, Mr. O straight-up responded back to the doctor, saying that he didn’t have to be curt, and cut off, and be dismissive. The doctor then said we needed to bring Peanut to our regular pediatrician because he couldn’t diagnose anything, while Peanut was shivering with a fever and in pain.

Oh, and he ordered us to take Peanut to the lab for a blood test. We didn’t follow his instruction.

We packed our stuff, and walked out. By that time, the pediatric office scheduling line opened up and we were able to get Peanut seen by his doctor in two hours later.

Peanut was diagnosed with Parotitis, which is the swollen salivary gland. Hence, the fever and swollen node. The pediatrician prescribed antibiotics, but suggested we watch him for 24 hours first before giving him the medication since it has a small amount of amoxicillin, to which he is allergic.

At least we know what he has, and the treatment needed…

So that was our first encounter with an unprofessional medical doctor. We searched his name on google and found out we were not the only one he treated that way. His rating and reviews showed that he needs to go back to take a few courses on day-to-day conversation with patients and concerned family members. M-Fkr!!!

Crazy heat
I haven’t done much outdoors activities with this heat…now I miss the cool winter/spring weather.

That’s it for the long winded update…we are getting ready for D.C. trip soon!

Ahhh, picture of coconut trees in Waikiki to calm my nerves down. I miss Hawaii!


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