Tooth Fairy didn’t come again

PP lost another tooth on Sunday. It’s the second one from the upper set. Last time, Tooth Fairy was generous and gifted him a new gadget, and maybe that’s the reason he hasn’t even mentioned about Tooth Fairy’s visit this time.

Either way, I think we are done with all these Tooth Fairy business…

Wait…Peanut still has not lost any of his baby teeth. I guess Tooth Fairy will return then. In the meantime, Tooth Fairy, please jump over our house and go to the next!

P.S. Pictures were taken a month ago!


One thought on “Tooth Fairy didn’t come again

  1. Tụi nhỏ dzui há, sún răng mà thích khoe lắm, như kiểu “ta đây lớn rồi” vậy á. Chớ tui nhớ hồi mình còn nhỏ, hễ bị sún răng là hổng dám cười, giấu suốt à 🙂 🙂

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