This is what I was talking about when I had that petty argument with Mr. O about the boys’ haircut. PP didn’t want to be in the photo because he was conscious of his bald head. This guy, however, took it with a stride and gave me all he got.

We traveled down south on Route 1, the coastal highway, and stopped by Gray Whale Cove Beach on our way to Halfmoon Bay on July 4th weekend. This was where the traffic began on that one-lane stretch of highway.

It’s always been cloudy, foggy, and cold whenever we come to the coast. Ain’t no sunshine…


3 thoughts on “seriously…bald!

    1. thích há mợ? Tóc thằng này lâu ra lắm, thằng đậu anh thì thôi khỏi nói, một hai tuần là dài lại.

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