Another birthday in the house 

It’s Peanut’s 5th birthday today!!!!

He has been looking forward to this day just because it’s a special day for him. This morning he woke up and said, happy birthday to me!

I am glad that birthdays are still noted as special for my kids.

In between the saga of family visits and having quality family time, our trip to D.C. is almost coming to an end. Ironically, I am actually looking forward to coming home. I think we are at the point where spending 24 hours together is touching some of my nerve-ends and I need my feeds of healthy home cook meals. Mr. O has been dining and wining me to the utmost state of gluttony. I gain back all the weight that I lost prior to Hawaii trip. We still have one more trip before the kids return to school in August so I might as well indulge myself while I still can. Then I can go back to my weigh control regiment.

Talking about indulgence, Mr. O and I have really taken advantages of his vacation time and do our diligent job at staying up late past midnight sleeping in to almost noon almost everyday. This comes as a surprise because Mr. O is not a night owl but an early riser. I must have been a bad influence. It’s going to be hard for him to adjust back to his normal routine once we come back to California.


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