One week wonder

I have fallen into the lazy routine of one-week-wonder of blogging. It’s not that I don’t have things to write and to keep track with what’s going on in our family and life, I have been sold to the devil that took away time. Trust me, I had started and written a few post these past week to capture our trip to D.C.  And Northern VA, but none of them have manifested into complete post. Most were half written and others just came short of a final touch. There was always an interruption to my thought process as I tried to finish one. 

Anyway, the new school year will come soon and that is when my routine will catch up to its normal trajectory. As for now, blog posts will come as they pleased.  I seem to have no control of when. 

Our final summer trip is this coming week. The boys get to see my younger brother who lives in Orange County, the OC. My mom is also flying west from MN to join us there in Tuesday. Mr. O is working, as always, while I tend to the boys and their well beings. So I guess it is not entirely a vacation because I suppose we still need to get to bed early for Mr. O to get up early for work. 

School will start in about three weeks! 


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