The dramas in my life

While taking a long break from Korean dramas, I have caught up to the feels of BBC’s Masterpiece series and have binged through Downton Abbey, season 1 to 4. While finding the urge to go forth with season 5, I ventured into beautiful landscapes of Cornwall (England) in Poldark. I binged through two seasons of Poldark whenever I had the time in between D.C. and O.C. trips.

Source: PBS Masterpiece

Unbeknownst to me…these two British dramas are a notch above Korean dramas in term of plot, acting, editing, and one of my favorite of all…the lack of flashbacks. Korean dramas heavily use flashbacks as fillers…and many time they took away the joy in watching a cohesive and coherent plot.

So with that…I just want to note that I have jumped over the fence of dramas in my life.


a bundle of thoughts

entering mid-August…

Summer is almost coming to and end, and a new school year will begin soon…very soon.

I can’t wait for having both kids at school, even when Peanut is only going to Kindergarten for 2.5 hours. These hours will become so precious to me. I am thinking of having the time to walk at the nearby trails, grocery shopping, schedule doctor appointments, clean the house…with no one to interrupt and distract me.

Hmmm, it’s like deserving a vacation!

Talking about vacation, the kids are done with airplane for now. After spending about 25 hours total in flight for all three trips, they can’t handle another trip that involves flying. Perhaps we have to take a boat the next time we go somewhere that is not within a driving distance. 😀 I also am maxed out of energy for another vacation so until next year…

We had a splendid time in Washington D.C. and Northern V.A. The boys got more time to spend with their cousins on Mr. O’s side. It’s interesting how these kids just come together and connect and identify a common bond among themselves. I feel that my kids are very fortunate to have two cultures strongly presented in their lives. I hope they will continue to take pride of their ethnicity and cultural upbringings as something unique to themselves.

I also saw my mother in law for the second time in eight years. There was a misunderstand/misjudgement between the two of us before PP was born, but with time and space we both came to a place where it became a nonissue, at least that’s what comes from my perspective. The kids met their grandmother for the first time as well, but with language barriers, it was difficult for them to communicate with her. Nevertheless, they had time to bond and connect.

O’s family members and relatives are widely accepting my presence as their niece- and cousin-in-law. I felt welcome into their open arms. The eldest uncle and his wife cook me a feast of Somali food…and oh my, that didn’t help with my red-meat diet. They really went all out in their reception. And it was great to be praised by Mr. O’s another uncle whom he looks up to. This is the uncle who had met Mr. O’s ex-gf and all…Yoh, I am really above those women of Mr. O’s past. The uncle might be a bit diplomatic, but I take whatever praises that came my way. That’s life!

In between family and friend visit we also toured Mt. Vernon, which was George Washington’s residence and farm, and also walking around the Mall from Lincoln Memorial to WWII Memorial with a stop at Vietnam Memorial. We also went to Georgetown area, one of my favorite neighborhood in D.C., and a place where O and I had our dates the first time we traveled together to D.C. more than 10 years ago. This time we came back with two more in addition.

Here is a picture of us…without the kids, for once!

PP took this photo for us.

P.S. It took me five hours to finish writing this post.

Me and President Washington!