The dramas in my life

While taking a long break from Korean dramas, I have caught up to the feels of BBC’s Masterpiece series and have binged through Downton Abbey, season 1 to 4. While finding the urge to go forth with season 5, I ventured into beautiful landscapes of Cornwall (England) in Poldark. I binged through two seasons of Poldark whenever I had the time in between D.C. and O.C. trips.

Source: PBS Masterpiece

Unbeknownst to me…these two British dramas are a notch above Korean dramas in term of plot, acting, editing, and one of my favorite of all…the lack of flashbacks. Korean dramas heavily use flashbacks as fillers…and many time they took away the joy in watching a cohesive and coherent plot.

So with that…I just want to note that I have jumped over the fence of dramas in my life.