my kind of fast food

Mung bean noodles with chewy fishcake and some fresh tofu in chicken broth. I add leeks to most of my broth-noodle dishes.

The kids asked me why I didn’t eat pancakes but noodles for breakfast. I told them, it’s my Vietnamese upbringing.


last day of summer break

What a wonderful day to end the summer break. Tomorrow the kids will have their first day of school — Peanut is for Kindergarten and PP is in second grade!

We skipped Peanut’s optional K-orientation this morning to battle the fight for a spot at the parking lot and a spot at the waiting line for free solar glasses at a local public library. We were there more than an hour earlier than posted time but the line was already a block long. But it’s all paid off when we received two glasses before the organizers ran out of stock.

There was an overcast around 10 a.m. so as soon as we had the glasses to immediately walked the kids to the car and got out of that traffic mess. Half way home the sun came out from the cast and there was an opportunity for the kids to see the solar eclipse, I pulled into an almost-emptied CVS parking lot and let the kids down to look at the sun, with the glasses on, of course!

Tomorrow, I am back to lunch-packing job, and a few hours of time for myself each day to spend however I please. So looking forward to it!