If I could live to 75 years old

I want to be looking healthy and strong like my mother.

At 75, she is still active, walking 2-3 miles most day, and traveling by herself back and forth between Vietnam, Florida, and California. God bless her!

I think after my father’s death, her spirits have become brighter and free. He was an emotional burden, someone she constantly thought of (and still think of) for his well-being even though they were no longer living or communicating with each other for more than seven years before my father’s passing this past April.

Also, her most recent trip to Vietnam changed her perspective. Most women of her age or younger are suffering illness of many kinds — cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, and lack of mobile strength due to prolonged lack of proper healthcare. Looking back, she said it was a blessing to work at that Japanese restaurant as a kitchen assistant, because that job had her actively and physically working on her feet for 10-12 hours five to six days a week. Only last July when the restaurant was closed for business that she had to stop working, or else she could keep going for another five years or so.