Spring fever

Today I put on the mindset that we are moving again and I need to do some packing so that I can purge things that we no longer need. The act of decluttering is really gratifying and getting rid of things make me feel so free!

Accomplishments of the day:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • Kids’ clothes
  • Linens, curtains and table cloths
  • Papers, office supplies and unused folders

Work for tomorrow:

  • More clothes
  • Bathroom closets
  • Luggages
  • Kitchen items
  • My photography equipments

This weekend I am working on cleaning the garage. This is the project that I supposed to work on during Thanksgivings break was too lazy to lift my fingers. 🙂

Mr. O is the latest victim of the cold virus!


6 thoughts on “Spring fever

    1. cái garage của em nó nhìn thấy ghê. Không phải là clutter mà vì cứ hẹn hò gắn mấy cái shelves mà gần 2 năm dọn qua đây rồi vẫn chưa làm. Giờ giấc của ông O có giới hạn nên cứ hẹn tới tuần nào lễ để làm, mà có làm đâu.

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