legally bound

Mr. O and I will be legally married for ten years this coming Tuesday. As a boring couple, we didn’t do anything romantic or lavish for each other. One of our neighbor-friend offered to look after the boys for a night so that we could go out for dinner and celebrate but we didn’t want to burden the friend. We are really boring people!

I told Mr. O that since we won’t be together this coming week (he is traveling for work), at least let me make him food for the week and he can bring along to eat instead of eating out at restaurants. He is going to be about an hour from home, but due to heavy traffic for driving back and forth every night, he will stay at hotels and be safe and to have extra time for resting. So I went grocery shopping and packed my fridge with meat and vegetables on Friday. Yesterday we went to our local farmers’ market to pick up more fruits for him to bring to work.

Today I put on my apron and got to work. I made Hainanese chicken rice (his favorite), beef stew in red wine, stir fried chicken breast with red bell pepper and onion, and garlic noodles. These dishes will keep him sane for a few days, eating home cook meals while being away from home has always been a treat for him whenever he is on the road. Last time he traveled, which was two weeks ago in Korea Town in L.A., he had nothing but mediocre food from restaurants, and he kept complaining every day via FaceTime.

Anyway, we never had an actual wedding, but I have never regretted the decision. Although, I must admit that every single time I pass by a bridal store I still wondered what it would be like for me to be in a wedding dress. I told Mr. O that for our 10th year anniversary I would like to try one on and have some photos taken but I guess it’s not happening. Maybe when it’s our 20th year anniversary I will make it happen.

We have our ups and downs throughout the years and even though I sometimes want to kick his ass off the bed because of our small differences, we are still best friends and a confidant to each other. And to make it to the 10th year is a testament to the fact that we are great compromisers for all fronts of differences that deemed to be impossible to overcome at the beginning of our courtship.


Muir Woods, part 2, sort of…

I managed to save these few photos and loaded them onto Smugmug before my 10 year-old Macbook crashed last week. What a shame, I still haven’t figured out how to recover the hard drive to at least rescue the photos that I haven’t transferred over to the external drive. But oh well, it’s not the priority right now. I have Mr. O’s macbook air as a backup, although it has little RAM to run Photoshop and Camera Raw so I now cannot do any editing or transfer any photos in RAW format over.

Anyway, I talked to my younger brother who visited back in February about the drive to Muir Woods today and he said it was one of his favorite places so far to visit. That reminded me to put these photos up here.

Cheering squad

I sometimes complained about this and that and all the shenanigans about being isolated or not having sane grown-up conversations because of my time devoted to raising my boys full-time. But one of the blessing perks of a stay-at-home mom like me is having the flexibility of time to come and support my kids at their school events. And at a bottom line, being there to support them gives me a lot of joy in life. It’s the equilibrium between sanity and insanity.

Last Friday the school organized a fun-run fundraising event to garner financial support from parents and families. The kids collected pledges for each lap they completed and one lap is 1/16 of a mile. PP ran 39 laps and Peanut was barely reaching 16 laps. It was a scorching day but the kids managed to keep themselves hydrated with plenty of water. There were a lot of parents and volunteers coming out this year to cheer for the kids. It was nice to see the crowd shouting out names of kids that we know and high-fiving them as they reach the end of each lap.

Mr. O had a flex Friday so I had a cheering partner.