Day 1 — his first meal in Vegas

I wish I could put a dramatic twist by saying that the first day of my October has been an amazing and phenomenal one to begin this 31-day journey of self reflection as I am approaching 42 at the end of the month.

But it was just a normal day with a somewhat normal routine. I say “somewhat” because I had to drop Mr. O off at the train station after a short volunteer hour so he can take BART to get to the airport this morning. He is spending a week in Las Vegas for work and so far he is not really jiving it. He said it was a happening place for him when he was younger in his 20s and 30s but now he dislikes the hustle and bustle of Sin City. I told him two things — just don’t gamble our savings away and don’t do strip clubs then I am okay with however he spends his time outside of work. My mom and one brother as well as his wife and two kids are in Las Vegas for a wedding last Saturday and now they are visiting the Grand Canyon. Mr. O will have some company when they come back to the city on Wednesday.

This evening he ventured out to the Strip for food but ended up buying some greasy to-go box of food from Panda Express. Wtf? He is in Vegas and had Panda Express? I was at disbelief when he texted me the photo. Ok, I might as well share it here.

Wait. I need to pull that photo up from his message box.

Here it is…my husband’s first meal in Las Vegas. Oh, the irony!

Sad. So sad…

And no, he is neither stingy nor saving money for the company. He has a per diem and that daily amount can cover a nice steak dinner, with a glass of wine if he can drink it. It’s just that he is completely lost and overwhelmed without me taking the lead in finding a place to eat when traveling. I bet you that if he finds a place or dish that he likes tomorrow, for sure he will continue eating that same dish from the same restaurant. And I further bet you that he will go to either Cheesecake Factory or PF Chang’s to eat this week.

My husband is super duper predictable!

I guess that was the highlight of my day — making fun of my husband at his expense.

Then some photos that capture moments of my day.

Walking the kids to school. It’s been a gloomy day with rain predicted in the forecast but it didn’t happen. It was gloomy all day long until maybe after dinner when the sun peeked out just to show a snippet of California sunset.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow…

Today was my volunteer day for PP’s class.

Quick meal that I put together after running many errands the whole morning — hủ tiếu.

Helping PP finishing his vocabulary write-up at 7:30 p.m. He has a list of vocabulary each week and every day he needs to pick six words to write a sentence for each with correct grammar and punctuation. This is him writing the final version after a messy draft with bad hand-writing.

The struggle is real with getting him to have nice hand-writing. But I persist!

I got to bed at 10 p.m. and call it a day!

P.S. — Kung-fu news: both boys get promoted to the next belt this month.

P.S.S — I worked on healing my cracked heels tonight with deep exfoliation and massage. I have a severed case of cracked heels and they are getting worse because I do a lot of walking these days. I use a combination of olive oil and sugar to exfoliate and then a thick coat of Vaseline for bed.

P.S.x3 — Vegas has never been a place on my list to visit. It does not appeal to my taste of a city. Maybe I am prejudiced!