Day 2 — Dead dough

Today, in the deep end of my pantry I found two bags of already mixed steam-bun flour that I bought long ago at Asian grocery store. I had never tried making steamed buns from already mixed flour before and wondered what motivated me to buy them in the first place. Anyway, I tried to mix one bag following the printed instruction outside of the bag to the tee. Then, when I gave it sometime to proof and apparently it was a dead dough. It didn’t rise at all. There was no posted expiration date but I guess given the time I had forgotten about them I am sure they were expired.

I gave the dead dough to the boys and they had fun playing “I am a baker” game. It was such a nice hands-on activity for them. The downside of playing too long was taking the time away from doing homework. Today both had kung fu lessons late, and they finished their homework after kung fu school, dinner, shower at 7:30 p.m. Bedtime was at 9 p.m. today.

P.S. — Just as I predicted, Mr. O found his way to PF Chang’s today for lunch. He ordered the usual of Mongolian beef and sesame chicken. I am not surprised. For dinner he stayed put and ordered a salmon dish from the hotel’s restaurant.

P.S. 2 — PP failed a math test today. I reminded him once or twice last week to practice at home but he seemed too complacent and perhaps over confident of his ability. This week I stop the reminders and let them self-direct and follow the schedule that I posted on the wall. Even though as a habit I truly want to direct him and remind him, I refrained from doing that. It’s a lesson learned. I sometimes let him fall down like this and then let him pick himself up. Kids need this kind of learning experience to build characters.

P..S. 3 — My neighbor friend, Ms. F, and I did our usual Tuesday/Thursday walk this morning. We walked around the neighborhood for 2.5 miles.

On my way back home I took a photo of this sign at the front entrance of another neighbor’s house.

P.S 4 — just when I am about to finish writing this post, Peanut came to my room wanting to sleep on my bed. He missed Mr. O. So I hugged and kissed him and offered him one of Mr. O’s shirts that was worn over the weekend for him to sniff his father’s sweaty scent. I still do that whenever Mr. O travels and being away.