Day 3 — I don’t like being the bad cop

My mind is blank at this moment. I wish that I could say that it’s free of doubts and insecurity. I get so stressed out today dealing with Peanut and his emotional meltdown. Three times today he broke down at just lost it even at little jokes that he disliked. Now I notice the trend that his emotional outburst become more frequent when Mr. O travels away from home. For now, I am trying new techniques to help him calming down, but I have to admit that I also let my emotions win many times and the yelling ensued when I got overly frustrated. Whenever Mr. O is away, I have to play both bad and good cop, and more on the bad cop than normal, and I don’t like that at all.

Anyway, things will work out eventually, and we will get through over this phase with him.

Mr. O and I just had our daily check-in via FaceTime and it was one of the most serious and intense conversations we have had in recent weeks. No, we don’t have marital arguments, but more on the side of we-should-talk-this-out-before-making-a-big-decision kind of conversation. He allowed me to be honest and spoke my mind as there are as many cons and as many pros in these decisions we need to make but we got through and are now on the same page.


The boys had their bi-annual dental check-up today and I am happy to report that their teeth are healthy…well, for the most part…because each has minimal cavity problem but does not need filling right now. We have pretty healthy and strictly enforced dental hygiene routine at home, and I try my best to reduce their sugar intakes, but I guess dental cavity among children are inevitable.

P.S. Here is a photo of Peanut snuggling with Mr. O’s shirt. I pulled the cover to kiss him in the morning and this is what I saw that melt my heart so much.

Tonight both boys asked to wear Mr. O’ shirts to sleep so I found another one for PP and Peanut just wanted to keep the one he had last night.

P.S. 2 — I lied to Mr. O that the boys have bad case of cavity. Hah hah…I did that because between the two of us, Mr. O is the one who likes to feed the children sweet treats most of the time. Now I feel one ounce of guilt for telling a lie. 😀

P.S.3 — Today’s self-care — I did one hour of cardio work-out and also stretched my neck and shoulder pain.