Day 4 — I spoiled them

I cannot wait for Mr. O to be home tomorrow, although he will be back late in the evening. Do you know how nice it is to have another grown-up being present in the house? I think I have multiple ulcers growing roots inside my stomach this week. I know…I know…I have a good life and should not complain too much about taking care of my children. It’s a blessing, but there are also pain attached to the blessings that are bestowed upon us, right?

About an hour earlier Peanut came into my room asking for a little bit of cuddling. When asked what’s the best part of the week, and his answer was — when I gave you hard time only one day this week, would you forgive me, Mẹ? This six year-old boy knows how to jab a jagged edge knife into my heart and still have me smiling at him.

But yes, this week, the four-letter word has been boiling in my head and almost escaped many times if I were not to have some self-control.

My make-shift pedicure station

To diminish the tension that had built up this week between me and the two rambunctious boys, I decided to give them some bonding time. They were beyond excited to know I would give them foot rub and massage. It was a hit! I had them soaked their feet in warm water and distill vinegar then followed up with foot rub using olive oil and sugar combination and then I cut their nails, both fingernails and toenails. Before bed I gave a good coat of Vaseline on their feet to keep them moisturized.

Some photos of their day…

This kid was trying to make me laugh with his comedic antics
Burning off some energy after school

P.S. Mr. O met with Mom, my brother, sis-in-law, and my niece and nephew for dinner in Las Vegas this evening. Then when we FaceTime he said that my little three-year-old niece is just too cute that he couldn’t resist thinking about having another child and hoping for another girl. I told him, good luck honey, I am like a first- or second generation iPad/iPhone that has no more updates for its operating system.

P.S. 2 — I received my copy of Voter Information Guide to prepare for November 6, which is just a month away. I am not too confident with our current political system and the whirlwind of judicial confirmation process of Kavanaugh, but I am optimistic that a new wave of common voice will rise.

P.S. 3 — I have been thinking of a personal experience, one of those dark moments that locked fear and shame in my life, and wonder if I should write about it now. Maybe when I am emotionally ready…I will share!

P.S. 4 — I do have quite a few deep and dark secrets!