Day 6 — staying informed

I try to write as much about my children and our daily life as possible on this blog and away from politics. Mr. O and I talk about politics every day, and we follow current events through trusted sources of news to keep ourselves informed. So I mostly keep politics and current events out of sight here to just focus on the positive side of life and to keep me sane. (Even though I do complain about my children a lot!)

But sometimes I just can’t turn blind eyes to monumental moments, like what happened today in D.C., where these top-ranking people have so much power over how we live our lives and our society. They are supposed to represent the people, but these dimwits are just too greedy for power and control as if they are entitled. And yes, they are entitled and privileged, and they try to keep it that way for themselves.

What a slap in the face it was, and even after I knew that the outcome would turn out this way, it is still a great disappointment. I feel angry, broken and helpless!

November 6 can’t come soon enough.

P.S. Another to-do off the checklist for this month; we went to Party City and bought Halloween costumes for the boys. They are pretty happy about their outfits. I lost the battle for spending money for what they wear only once a year. I told Mr. O, that we have only a few years of them asking for Halloween costumes, because soon enough they will no longer need us to do so. So let’s consider that a joy, rather than a bothersome.

P.S. 2 — I made Hainanese chicken rice for dinner. It was the bomb. I found an organic and free-range whole chicken from Mary’s farm on sale at Whole Foods and grabbed one on Friday for $13.

P.S. 3 — Just a note, Mr. O went to Walmart to order two more pairs of prescription glasses. This is the third pair he ordered this year and now has to pay out of pocket since vision insurance only pays for prescription glasses once a year. He keeps losing his glasses even though he has two to alternate each time. Last year he lost a pair with brand-name and damn expensive frame that cost almost $1000 with transitional lenses. After losing that one I commanded him (yes, I commanded him!) to buy only cheap frames and pay the least nominal amount just in case he loses them again.